YILPORT has implemented Navis Smart Compass across five terminals

Navis Smart Compass enables real-time data sharing and remote planning among global teams

YILPORT has implemented Navis Smart Compass across five terminals

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and the provider of operational technologies and services that unlock greater performance and efficiency for leading organizations throughout the global shipping industry, today announced that YILPORT Holding Inc. has implemented Navis Smart Compass at five terminals, following a pilot program in May of last year.

Due to the success of the program at terminals that use Navis N4, YILPORT made the decision to implement the solution more widely for enhanced data sharing, communication and visibility, in addition to enabling remote operation capabilities among its global teams.

As one of the leading terminal operators, YILPORT currently operates 22 marine ports and terminals globally handling 12 million TEU’s for containers and 22 million tons in general and dry bulk cargo annually. With its goals to scale operations by 2025, YILPORT has been implementing state-of-the-art technology and solutions, including the establishment of its Global Logistics Center (GLC) in 2015, to provide better, centralized services across its international terminals. Navis Compass was a natural fit for YILPORT’s operations and will help real-time visibility and data sharing among its vast terminal network.

Cem Goktaş, Global Operations Director, YILPORT, said:

"Navis Smart Compass has been a game changer for our port operations and management. As a pilot partner for Navis Compass, we worked closely with the Navis team to give feedback on the solution and help shape it for optimal terminal planning and execution processes. Now all users, regardless of where they are located, can see all information regarding upcoming vessel visits to know exactly what tasks need to be done and who is working on them, saving us time, money and reducing the risk of human error."

The YILPORT operations, customer service, data management and planning departments will use the Compass application for visibility and communication for a number of tasks between teams which will help centralize and standardize planning and execution processes. Additionally, the automated functions will help them manage several terminals at a time in a more reliable and efficient way to help monitor workflow.

Chuck Schneider, Chief Customer Officer at Navis, said:

“At Navis, we are constantly innovating our suite of applications and services to deliver better tools to our customers. Global terminal networks like Yilport using our connected suite of solutions for remote operations can enable more effective terminal operations to keep cargo moving safely to serve the essential needs of our local and global communities.”