MEYER WERFT to launch three cruise ships in 2020

MEYER WERFT to launch three cruise ships in 2020

MEYER WERFT has had a strenuous and success-ful 2019. This year the shipyard has handed over three modern cruise ships to interna-tional cruise lines. In the years ahead, many demanding and innovative large projects will also be implemented.

Tim Meyer, Managing Director of MEYER WERFT, says:

"In the last twelve months alone, we have taken on 395 new employees in Papenburg, thus enlarging our team to more than 3625 people. We continue to recruit new col-leagues in all parts of the shipyard."

The shipyard has taken on all the 45 trainees who passed their final examina-tions. Moreover, a further 16 trainee positions have been instigated to ensure that that the future workforce receives the necessary qualifications directly on the shipyard.

At the same time, MEYER WERFT continues to invest in its state-of-the-art shipyard facilities. A modern logistics centre is currently under construction and should be com-pleted early 2021, to the tune of around 40 million Euro. Optimised stock-keeping in the new logistics centre will facilitate better coordination of material transportation and let us reduce the use of external storage facilities.

Tim Meyer continues:

"Our order book allows us to put us on a good footing for the future. We have to take this chance. Together with partners and suppliers, this year our again whole team has revealed the passion and motivation that we dedicate to our ship projects, despite all the challenges."

MEYER WERFT is working on new solutions to further expand its technology leader-ship in the construction of cruise ships. Intensive research is being pursued into fuel cell technology and other technical innovations on passenger ships on the path towards car-bon-neutral cruise ships.

Three cruise ships will once again be leaving the shipyard in 2020. These include Iona as the second cruise ship for the British P&O Cruises to be fitted with a low-emission LNG propulsion system. Furthermore, the Spirit of Adventure will be handed over to Saga Cruises and the Odyssey of the Seas to Royal Caribbean International. The order books are filled to the end of 2023 with nine cruise ships, including seven with an LNG propulsion system.

On 28 January 2020, MEYER WERFT will have a quite exceptional cause for celebra-tion with the 225th anniversary of the founding of the shipyard in Papenburg.