First port company in the world to receive the award from GIMI

First port company in the world to receive the award from GIMI
Photo: Abu Dhabi Ports

Abu Dhabi Ports has recently been awarded with the prestigious Innovative Organisation Level 3 Certification by Global Innovation Management Institute (GIMI).

The Certification was conferred by the Boston-based think tank during its annual conference, which took place in Colombia in November 2019.

The recognition demonstrates the value of initiatives such as Abu Dhabi Ports’ highly successful collaborative ideas platform, ‘IBTIKAR’ – Arabic for ‘innovation’. IBTIKAR uses a systematic approach to gathering and processing ideas from employees, customers and other stakeholders. It ensures that ideas can be successfully implemented and encourages teamwork and participation in order to improve the success of the business.

Abu Dhabi Ports is the first port and the first maritime and transportation organisation in the world to receive the award from GIMI.

GIMI is recognised as the international gold standard for Innovation Management, having certified over 10,000 individuals and over 800 organisations worldwide.

Supporting the UAE’s National Innovation Strategy, platforms such as IBTIKAR are not only cultivating novel ideas that are helping businesses improve their operations but are also enabling these organizations to contribute more towards growth of the local and national economy.

Group Chief Executive Officer of Abu Dhabi Ports, Captain Mohamed Juma Al Shamisi, said:

“Innovation is of paramount importance here at Abu Dhabi Ports. We are committed to delivering on the goals set out in the Abu Dhabi Economic Vision 2030, and we are proud that this award recognises our efforts to find transformational ways to develop sustainable infrastructure capable of supporting our country’s economic growth. We are inspired to continue innovating thanks to the continued support of the Abu Dhabi leadership.”

Dr. Hitendra Patel, Executive Director of GIMI, presented the award with the Board of Directors of GIMI in attendance. Speaking on behalf of GIMI, he said:

“We developed a four-level organisational certification programme which also serves as a pathway towards leadership in innovation. We offer our congratulations to Abu Dhabi Ports for becoming the first maritime company in the world to achieve Innovation Level 3 Certification by GIMI. The recognition highlights their position at the vanguard of corporate innovation in the region, sets the example for others, and leads the Middle East in step with the ongoing economic change.”

Eiman Al Khalaqi, Vice-President of Innovation, Abu Dhabi Ports, said:

“Innovation has always been an integral part of our everyday business here at Abu Dhabi Ports, and this certification is a recognition of this attribute. We are privileged to showcase to the world the enormous talent and capabilities of our people, and this is only the beginning.”

Sia Partners – the official representative of GIMI in the GCC – also expressed its support of Abu Dhabi Ports. Rafael Lemaitre, Partner of the international management consulting firm, said:

“We are proud to have worked with Abu Dhabi Ports, which excels in its progressive ambition to become a global leader in innovation. The company embodies the omnipresent desire for improvement, leading to radical development and significant business impact. In light of its current pace of change, we are certain that Abu Dhabi Ports has a promising future ahead, and we are honoured to support the organisation in its vision.”