BC Ferries to allow passengers on closed car decks temporarily

BC Ferries to allow passengers on closed car decks temporarily
Photo: BC Ferries

Starting today, BC Ferries will allow customers to remain in their vehicles on the enclosed car deck during the COVID-19 situation, to help support social distancing and selfisolation.

The decision is the result of collaboration between Transport Canada and the Canadian Ferry Association to provide ferry operators with important flexibility to help protect passengers and their families from COVID-19 related risks, while also ensuring additional measures are taken to ensure passenger safety.

Mark Collins, BC Ferries’ President & CEO, said:

“BC Ferries, the Province, and the Federal Government are doing everything they can to help prevent the spread of this illnessю At BC Ferries, we proactively took measures to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, including increasing cleaning on board and at our terminals, closing the Pacific Buffet, as well as posting signage encouraging customers to practice good hand washing and social distancing.”

The purpose of keeping passengers off closed car decks is to ensure their safety in the case of an emergency. Safety is the top priority for BC Ferries, and the company is committed to providing a healthy and safe environment for our customers and employees. During this temporary period, BC Ferries will increase patrols on the enclosed car deck to ensure safety in the rare event of an emergency. Passengers will not be allowed on closed car decks once the COVID-19 situation ends.