VIDEO: New leading light line on the Elbe

Ships calling at the port of Hamburg soon orientate themselves towards new lighthouses

VIDEO: New leading light line on the Elbe

The leading lights in Blankenese have to be replaced as part of the fairway adjustment.

The navigation channel will not only be deepened but also widened between Wedel and Blankenese so that ships can meet each other on the Elbe. This will shift the optimal course line for ships heading for the port of Hamburg. As the fairway is under water and not visible, ships orientate themselves by a so-called leading light line, which consist of a front and a rear light. These leading light line mark the line on which the ships can navigate within the fairway.

With a height of more than 62 metres the new rear light belongs to the highest lighthouses in Germany.

The big-scale project “fairway adjustment” is not only limited to a deepening of the fairway. It also widens the fairway between Mühlenberger Loch and Lühe curve by around 225 metres to roughly 385 metres to allow for two large ships to easily pass one another in future. Because the courseline will then move to the south, the leading light between the low and rear light in the centre of the fairway must also be moved 125 metres to the south so that ships can safely manoeuvre within the so-called passing box. For this reason, two new leading lights are being erected, after which the old one will be removed.

In the centre of the water is where the more than 32-metre-high steal tower will be located. Situated in the embankment area of the Elbe, the tower will soon feature a 22-metre-long access bridge for visitors. This is especially for pedestrians an excellent outlook, as the steps shall also lead to a platform where they can get a wonderful view of the ships.