VIDEO: Navantia closes the resistant hull of Spanish Navy's submarine

Navantia has finalized, in the Cartagena facilities, the closure of the resistant hull of the S-81 ‘Isaac Peral’ submarine for the Spanish Navy, after the union of the last section of the ship.

The closure of the resistant hull is a crucial milestone in the construction of a submarine, as it appears as a complete vessel. Previously, the loading of all the main modules has been carried out, as well as a very high level of completion of the sections. The next step is the completion of the fitting works and the beginning of the testing stage.

This step represents a change of phase. The work in the submarine is now focused on its launching, following a formal and regulated process, based on overcoming safety milestones. This process begins with the tensioning, when the submarine begins to receive electric current; then the battery boarding, to gain autonomy in power generation, and finally the floating and the sea trials.

The scheduled date for floating is October 2020.

The S-80 is the most advanced conventional submarine in the world. Its main features are:

  • Length 80,81 m
  • Total Sleeve 11,68 m
  • Total Strut 13,69 m
  • Diameter 7,30 m
  • Surface displacement / immersion 2,695 / 2,965 t
  • Accommodation 32 provision + 8 special forces
  • Conventional submarine of high autonomy equipped with anaerobic propulsion
  • Extremely low acoustic signature
  • Excellent maneuverability at low speed
  • Systems with high automation
  • Next generation combat system
  • Air independent propulsion system (AIP) – State of the art
  • High complexity integrated design