REV Ocean to build the world’s largest research and expedition vessel

REV Ocean to build the world’s largest research and expedition vessel
Photo: REV Ocean

V.Ships Leisure wins contract as ship management partner with REV Ocean.

V.Ships Leisure, part of V.Group, has today announced that it will partner with REV Ocean to provide a tailored suite of ship management services for the world’s largest and most advanced research and expedition vessel, scheduled for completion in 2021.

The vessel will be equipped for conducting research that covers the entire marine ecosystem, using advanced technology systems developed by world-leading knowledge clusters in Norway. It will be used by scientists for innovative research expeditions which explore issues such as the impact that CO2 emissions have on the oceans, plastic pollution, protection of endangered species and sustainable fishing.

The vessel will be constructed to run on diesel electric engines, with an additional 3MW lithium-ion battery pack for peak shaving and ensuring optimum efficiency.

Following its first sea launch in Tulcea, Romania on 23 August, the vessel is now on its way to the Brattvåg shipyard on the west coast of Norway for more construction work.

Per Bjornsen, V.Ships Leisure Director, said:

“While the maritime industry endeavours to reduce carbon emissions across its global fleet, it’s also imperative that we continue look at the whole picture, both inside and outside of our industry, if we are to build towards a better and more sustainable future. With this in mind, we have made it our goal at V.Group to go beyond helping our customers to meet regulation, to leading the fight for cleaner shipping.”

Dag Christoffersen, Managing Director V.Ships Nordic Cluster, added:

“REV Ocean’s decision to build the biggest vessel of its kind in the world, featuring the world’s most advanced technology and scientific equipment, necessitates ship management support from a partner with unmatched capacity to deliver. In addition to V.Group’s global reach, REV Ocean will benefit from the local expertise of our Norway office, which has strong ties with the Kjell Inge Røkke group of companies, and extensive knowledge of working within the guidelines set out by  the Norwegian Maritime Authority."

Nina Jensen, CEO of REV Ocean, commented:

“At REV Ocean our mission is to make a true difference in improving the state of our ocean. To achieve this, we need to work together and establish partnerships with other leading institutions and organisations with similar goals and values, primarily a commitment to sustainability and the future health of our planet.

V.Group’s unrivalled experience in sectors such as offshore, yachting and cruise means it is well equipped to handle the need for versatility and specialisation that will be required for REV Ocean’s vessel. In particular, its excellent track record in expedition cruise, including those operating in polar waters, will ensure that our vessel, and the crew onboard, will be able to tackle the most demanding of environments. At the same time, its digital platform will play an integral role in ensuring that all operations are efficient and optimised, with the benefit of 24/7 real-time data which will help to inform decisions and actions on each expedition.”

An independent scientific committee will evaluate and recommend research projects for REV Ocean to pursue, and ensure the highest level of scientific standards and research quality. The vessel has the capacity to take 60 scientists and 30 crew onboard, and features state-of-the-art echo sounders and sonars to study fish and other marine species, an advanced eco-harvesting system for live catch and release of biomass and pelagic samples, and multiple on-board laboratories.