Groundbreaking flexible 1500 passenger RoPax design by KNUD E. HANSEN

Groundbreaking flexible 1500 passenger RoPax design by KNUD E. HANSEN

KNUD E. HANSEN has released its newest, groundbreaking design, a 154-meter RoPax ferry that can transport up to 1500 passengers and 440 cars.

The vessel also boasts an additional 657 lane meters for trucks and trailers. Its impressive maneuvering and docking capabilities make it an ideal choice for e.g. the Mediterranean market although it is well suited for a variety of locations and operating conditions worldwide.

The vessel has a service speed of 25 knots and can operate close to optimum engine load even at slow speeds due to its diesel electric propulsion plant and azimuthing pods. The four engines have a combined power of approximately 48 Megawatts and are fueled by marine diesel oil (MDO). There are also two tunnel thrusters located at the bow which, combined with the azipods, allow the vessel to move laterally without any forward or aft motion, a very desirable feature for mooring. There is also a large battery bank to power the vessel while dockside, allowing for zero emissions in port.

The vessel features two car decks below the Main Deck that are accessed via fixed ramps. The Main Deck gives priority to trucks, which can be easily loaded via an extra-wide stern ramp. There is also a dedicated passenger ramp astern with an escalator leading to the accommodation decks. Deck 4 is comprised of a hoistable car deck at the forward end that spans over 50 meters and can be raised to allow for additional truck loading. Deck 5 includes an additional car deck accessed via a hoistable ramp on the starboard side.

Decks 5 through 7 are devoted to passenger accommodation and public spaces which are well suited for both day voyages and overnight passages. There are a total of 112 twin-occupancy, en suite cabins with the majority facing outboard, giving passengers unobstructed ocean views. Deck 6 features a self-service restaurant, bar, two lounges, internet café, reception and shopping area. There is an open observation deck on Deck 5 forward as well as sun decks on Decks 6 through 8 aft, all with plenty of exterior seating.

The wheelhouse is located on Deck 8 along with 41 single-occupancy crew/officer cabins as well dining and recreation facilities for all staff. The vessel has two passenger lifts providing access to all vehicle and accommodation decks as well as one service lift. Unique to this vessel is a dedicated heli-pad located on the top deck.

The vessel is certified as a EuroClass Type A ship and is fully SOLAS compliant. KNUD E. HANSEN aims to achieve the highest level of survivability with strict adherence to Safe Return to Port (SRtP) requirements through the inclusion of redundant, segregated power and propulsion systems as well as passenger safe havens and an auxiliary wheelhouse.

This design has been developed in-house, by the experienced staff of naval architects, marine engineers and designers at KNUD E. HANSEN who place the utmost importance on safety, efficiency and design ingenuity and have been doing so for over 80 years. Interior design has been developed in corporation with our partner B33, who are a flexible design hub that includes furniture and product designers, interior designers, as well as landscape architects. The team at Design Studio B33 is comprised of internationally-acclaimed designers with a focus on timeless designs grounded in Scandinavian aesthetics.