Nigeria: Pirate Attack

Nigeria: Pirate Attack

As informed by ARC (Africa Risk Compliance Limited), a cargo vessel was attacked by 2 speed boats with 5 armed men on one boat, 7 armed men on the other. Armed men were shooting in the air.

Date and Time: 13th July 2019, 2250hrs

UTC Location: 65nm SW of Agbami Terminal, Nigeria EEZ.

Position: 02°58.7’N, 004°44.4’E

Distance from Shore: Approx. 124nm

Vessel Details

Type: Cargo Vessel L x B: 114m x 17m

Event Details Kidnapped: 0 Injured: 0 Killed: 0

Security Present: None reported

Weather: Gentle Breeze / 0.1mm precipitation

Wave Height: 1.3m

Threat Details

Number of Pirates: 12

Number of Craft: 2 speed boat

Weapons Seen: Firearms

Equipment Seen: Not reported