Meratus Line chooses CyberLogitec's container carrier operations solution

Meratus Line chooses CyberLogitec's container carrier operations solution

CyberLogitec ALLEGRO SaaS chosen to Manage Operations at Meratus, Leading Indonesian Shipping Line.

CyberLogitec, the leading provider of maritime, port/terminal and logistics operations technologies, has announced that leading Indonesian shipping company Meratus Line has signed the contract to deploy ALLEGRO SaaS, container carrier operations solution.

Meratus Line operates a fleet of 56 vessels, 40,000 box containers and 30 container liner services connecting over 30 major ports across the Indonesian archipelago. The move to ALLEGRO SaaS promises to benefit Meratus’ clients in Indonesia and the broader Southeast Asia region.

The SaaS solution offers a pay-per-use model built on the successful ALLEGRO solution, allowing customers to enjoy the same benefits, such as real-time data for critical decisions and intelligent algorithms for automated data capture. This agreement follows closely on the heels of the SaaS launch recently in July 2019.

Mr Kamlesh Devchand, Chief Executive Officer of Meratus Line, said:

“Through advanced capabilities, ALLEGRO SaaS will enable us to provide seamless operations from end to end and reinforce our capacity to serve domestic and regional trade and logistics. The ability to integrate and automate all our shipping functions will be vital to our push for greater customer value from here and into the future.
The deployment of ALLEGRO SaaS is a key component in our digital transformation strategy. By enabling all data to be accessible on any device, anywhere, any time, it will improve decision-making, enable great efficiency gains and deliver improved customer satisfaction.”

Jason Hyeon, Managing Director of CyberLogitec Global, said he was heartened by the deal:

“ALLEGRO SaaS will help level the playing field as small- and mid-sized carriers stand to enjoy digitialized and automated functions that will reduce time spent on repetitive tasks, reduce human error, boost productivity. Meratus Line will be able to provide more powerful, efficient services for their customers. We look forward to working with Meratus Line to help them realise their goal of better resource utilization and cargo yields.”

ALLEGRO is an end-to-end, integrated solution tailored for the operations of containerized shipping lines. Besides allowing for shipping processes to be hosted on a single system, the cloud-based ALLEGRO SaaS runs in a robust, web-compliant operating environment with user-friendly interface, enabling remote teams to have always-on, easy access to data. As the entire range of activities, from pricing, to booking up till delivery is updated in real time, enabling Meratus to maintain 24/7 visibility of the supply chain end to end. This provides proactive monitoring of operational efficiency and managing of operating costs.