New app optimises remote support and intervention for critical bridge equipment

New app optimises remote support and intervention for critical bridge equipment
Photo: Marlink Group

Pro-active support and maintenance increase first-time fix rates and improve operational efficiency for Telemar customers

Telemar, the Marlink Group company dedicated to Bridge Electronics, on-board services and maintenance, has significantly enhanced its remote support capabilities within the recently launched BridgeLink solution. Telemar engineers will use the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance Application to provide pro-active support to reduce potential down-time and increase efficiency of Bridge Electronics hardware as well as associated software maintenance and repair.

Designed jointly within the Marlink Group, a core aspect of BridgeLink is the interconnection of equipment on board within a standardised data structure. By expanding the scope of equipment remotely accessible via the BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App, Telemar can perform more repairs remotely and increase first-time fixes for a more efficient service when its field engineers visit customer vessels.

The new Smart Maintenance App delivers value across all aspects of service and support. As well as creating a benefit for shipowners by streamlining troubleshooting wherever they operate, Telemar can use the data collected to optimise asset lifecycles and deliver further efficiencies. The BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App will also be used for performance analysis and to collect data for site surveys, helping to further reduce the engineering time required for firmware/software installations and upgrades.

Leveraging remote support technology, Marlink and Telemar are also contributing to reduce time, travel and ultimately also the carbon footprint for shipping companies. The Telemar Smart Maintenance team consists of certified and trained Field Service Engineers able to start in depth investigations to problems with GMDSS equipment, radar and ECDIS, satellite communications systems, Voyage Data Recorders and the majority of communications systems and navigational aids, quickly and from shore.

The BridgeLink Smart Maintenance App implements powerful network security features and all nominated bridge technology on board is connected on a dedicated and secured Local Area Network.