Marlink unveils monitoring tool for increased transparency of its networks

Entry-level version of ITLINK management and monitoring software suite simplifies regulatory compliance for vessel and shore teams

Marlink unveils monitoring tool for increased transparency of its networks

Marlink has announced the release of a new stand-alone entry version of its ITLINK software, designed to improve transparency in monitoring and reporting of the status of IT networks onboard ships.

Starting in 2021, vessel operators will be required to demonstrate compliance with a revision to the International Safety Management (ISM) Code, which requires them to risk assess their shipboard IT systems – including those used to operate the vessel – and detail procedures employed to manage cyber security risks. Owners of specialised tanker tonnage are already required to demonstrate similar preparedness under the Tanker Management and Self Assessment version 3 (TMSA) and Ship Inspection Report Program (SIRE) requirements.

ITLINK is part of Marlink’s portfolio of added value services launched last year, an operational platform that enables Marlink customers to standardise, simplify and automate their vessel IT environment, enabling fast migration and effective operation of IT services across the fleet.

It has been specifically designed for IT department’s managers and administrators to provide remote fleet-wide monitoring status of shipboard servers, computers, operating system and applications to efficiently achieve transparency of software and hardware onboard.

The service reports Operating System, software and hardware details together with established KPIs to an onshore dashboard, removing the requirement for the crew to record and report this information. With shipowners and operators facing new requirements for demonstrating IT security preparations to both regulators and their customers, ITLINK can provide a simple, secure means of improving visibility without increasing seafarer workload.

Marlink President, Maritime Tore Morten Olsen, says:

"The leading edge of vessel operators have already adopted the mindset and the tools that reflect the new reality of IT network transparency and compliance which is increasingly seen as a licence to operate. Our ITLINK portfolio and especially this new network monitoring functionality provides an important tool not just for enabling compliance with cyber security requirements but also removing the burden of proof from the crew while improving transparency for shoreside teams."