MACS3: Navis carrier and vessel solution

MACS3: Navis carrier and vessel solution
Photo: Navis

Navis, a part of Cargotec Corporation, and the provider of maritime software solutions for cargo and vessel performance and compliance, announced the launch of the MACS3 API Services at its Carrier and Vessel Solutions' APAC Customer Conference in Singapore.

MACS3 API Services unlock loading computer calculation results to manage safe cargo handling across the supply chain. “For the first time, ports, terminal operators, carriers and other key entities in the shipping industry can directly access and explore ship-specific loading calculation results for stability, strength, dangerous goods (DG), lashing and condition checks. All of these significantly improve safety, collaboration and efficiency of cargo transportation by sea,” said Ajay Bharadwaj, Head of Product Management for Navis Carrier and Vessel Solutions.

Stability & strength calculations are part of the API services offered, providing information for safer vessel operations, and reducing incidents of possible vessel damage or loss of cargo. In addition, MACS3 API Services facilitate safer vessel visits and improve visibility of dangerous goods flowing through ports. For example, the hazmat department of a European port authority is using the MACS3 DG API service to check incoming vessels for compliant dangerous goods segregation in a faster and more accurate way, replacing an inefficient and time-consuming onboard sample process.  

Navis also delivers an API for lashing calculations. As the industry-standard of loading computers for container vessels, MACS3 delivers via API call the most comprehensive and up-to-date securing regulations by all relevant classification societies into the workflow of stowage planners. One of the world’s leading ocean carriers is using this service to check lashing conditions of all vessels in their fleet for safer operations.

“In the age of digitalization, data is one of our biggest untapped assets, but it has no value to the maritime industry when it remains in silos. This new service provides all stakeholders of the container supply chain important data to make seaborne operations safer," said Bharadwaj.

Navis supports customers’ integration processes with technical documentation, software development kits, sample source code and virtual sandboxes for testing on the open API portal GitHub. Developers can contact Navis at [email protected] to learn how to integrate MACS3 calculations into their workflow.