KONGSBERG launches new app for Vessel Insight users

KONGSBERG launches new app for Vessel Insight users

Ship owners and operators using Vessel Insight can now improve performance, reporting and reduce fuel and energy consumption through the new KONGSBERG application Vessel Performance. Users will also achieve increased transparency and awareness about vessel emissions.  

The Vessel Performance application collects contextualized data from the ship using KONGSBERG’s data infrastructure solution Vessel Insight. The data is used to generate real-time value for users with tools for reducing fuel consumption and unnecessary running of equipment, optimizing equipment maintenance windows, and simplify reporting according to up to date regulatory requirements. 

Vigleik Takle, SVP Maritime Digital Solutions in Kongsberg Digital, says:

"Aside from getting access to contextualized data from your vessels, one of the main benefits of using Vessel Insight is the immediate access to value adding applications. Vessel Performance will increase the value for customers who are Vessel Insight users and help them reduce costs, utilize their assets better and stay compliant with new regulations." 

Vessel Performance reduces system and information complexity, improves ship and office communication and operational awareness. All information from the application will be available in the cloud, on the vessel and onshore. The application provides details on fuel consumption and overall energy efficiency levels benchmarked against historical performance, allowing the crew to exploit opportunities to minimize fuel usage and emissions. Vessel Performance is highly customizable and can be configured to meet specific customer needs across a wide range of vessels.  

Bård Bjørløw, EVP Global Sales and Marketing at Kongsberg Maritime, says:

"KONGSBERG’s vast experience in vessel and equipment design places us in a leading position in the development of unified applications, delivered seamlessly via Vessel Insight. By making efficiency data easily available, Vessel Performance will facilitate vessel and fleet operations, enabling decisions in real time."