Kloosterboer builds reefer container terminal in Vlissingen

Kloosterboer invests in an automated and highly sustainable reefer container terminal named Kloosterboer Containerterminal Vlissingen in its location in the Vlissingen harbour (The Netherlands). It will initially have 1,020 reefer plugs. The container terminal will be operational by mid 2020. The expectation is to process 250,000 TEU annually.

What is unique about this container terminal is the number of reefer plugs. Initially, a total of 1,020 reefer containers can be provided with electricity. This is necessary to keep the containers, which are primarily filled with food products, at the desired temperature. The container terminal will be equipped with 4 automated, electrically driven Rubber Tired Gantry (RTG) cranes. These cranes guarantee a high storage capacity. The use of these cranes will reduce the number of reach stackers in the terminal, resulting in a decrease in CO2 emissions of 800,000 kilograms. Kloosterboer is the first container terminal to use this type of automatic cranes. 

Moreover, the ultramodern container terminal is equipped with automatic, unmanned gates. The CargoCard will be used to gain access to the container terminal. Drivers will use this to register and identify themselves. In addition, new software systems will be used. Thanks to smart interaction between these systems, certain algorithms will be used to determine the most efficient method of storage and processing of the containers. The containers’ functionality and settings, such as temperature, are 24/7 remotely monitored. 

Thanks to the combination of a multi-modally accessible terminal and nearby cold stores, Kloosterboer Vlissingen can directly unload incoming containers and load them in the cold store, in order to further transport them by freight truck or barge. This means Kloosterboer arranges everything internally as a one-stop shop for the customer.

Due to the increasing trend of containerisation, the use of reefer containers has increased significantly in recent years. In order to facilitate these growing container flows now and in the future, Kloosterboer continues to invest. The location in Vlissingen offers the possibility to expand to a storage capacity of 1,600 reefer plugs, which means in future 400,000 TEU can be processed annually.