JFD and Y-40 to commence pressurised submariner training

JFD and Y-40 to commence pressurised submariner training
Photo: Y-40

JFD, the world-leading underwater capability provider serving the commercial and defence diving markets and part of James Fisher and Sons plc, has formed a strategic partnership with Y-40, owner and operator of the world’s deepest pool (42.15m), to facilitate submarine escape training as required by navies worldwide.

The partnership is in line with JFD’s strategy and ongoing commitment to providing submariners with a total support capability from training through to the delivery of a complete submarine rescue service.  The development further strengthens JFD’s presence in the Italian market, and going forward the company will expand the use of the pool to include training for military and commercial divers.

The new training simulates the experience of escaping from a distressed submarine in a safe and controlled environment. JFD and Y-40 will commence pressurised submariner training in Q4 2019.

Giovanni Corbetta, Managing Director, from JFD commented:

“We see great potential in this new partnership which allows JFD to provide pressurised submarine escape training at the Y-40 facility which is a central location accessible for many navies.  It allows us to deliver against our commitment to provide the best possible training to submariners that will maximise their chances of survival in the event of an incident. This partnership means that we will have the necessary resources and facilities in place to equip submariners with pressurised training that delivers potentially lifesaving skills. In time, we look forward to extending our partnership with Y-40, so that commercial divers can also benefit from this world-leading training.”

Emanuele Boaretto, Architect and CEO, from Y-40 commented:

“We are pleased to partner with JFD on this new project, which will enable us to use the existing facilities at our deep-water pool improve the safety of the global submariner community. As the first and only deep pool that runs on thermal waters, we’re able to keep operating costs down. This means the training offered at our facility and delivered by JFD will be both affordable, as well as easily accessible.”

As part of JFD’s strategy to provide complete SMERAS (Submarine Escape & Rescue Surface Abandonment and Survival) capability support from escape training through to a full submarine rescue service, JFD has expanded its base of operations for escape training to provide further choice to the market.  The recent partnerships with both Aquacentrum Den Helder and Y-40 in Italy allow customers the choice of pressurised training facilities at which they can undertake submarine escape training in the facility which best suits their needs and location.

JFD operates at the forefront of innovation and is a global leader in the provision of submarine rescue and support services, working with most of the advanced navies in the world.  Using its market knowledge and long experience, the company continually looks to set new standards in the delivery of comprehensive systems, technologies and training that break new ground in safety and protecting life at sea.