Green energy for a more sustainable aquaculture industry

AKVA group and the Norwegian company Inseanergy have signed a letter of intent for the supply and integration of green energy solutions.

Green energy for a more sustainable aquaculture industry
Photo: Inseanergy

“We work with our customers to better understand their challenges and opportunities. The goal is to achieve better cost-effective and sustainable operations, and here we have a product that AKVA Group will integrate into its total package. This is a system of floating solar energy production that generates 100 % emission-free green energy. In combination with a battery pack and water feeding, we can reduce the running time of the diesel generator by up to 90 % on a typical fish farm," says Tore Obrestad, Global Solution Manager in AKVA group.

By partnering with Inseanergy, AKVA group will be able to offer customers total energy systems that include self-produced green energy that will collectively reduce diesel consumption, operating costs and environmental footprint.

"This reflects our ambition for sustainability to be at the centre of everything we do. Sustainability is part of AKVA group's culture and DNA. It is part of the solutions and products we sell and buy, as well as a driving force behind innovation," says Obrestad.

Inseanergy is a company that supplies energy systems that are based on renewable energy sources such as solar, wind and hydrogen. The company was started in May 2020.

"For Inseanergy, this represents a collaboration with an established global player who sees great value in using sustainable technology. We have complementary products, and together we reduce the environmental footprint and operating costs of our customers," says Egil Hjelmeland, Sales Director at Inseanergy.

Hjelmeland looks forward to a good collaboration in the future.

"Our company is in a growth phase, and in this context, it will be very interesting to work together with AKVA group in a global market," says Hjelmeland.