DOLFINES and CIMC RAFFLES forge floating alliance

DOLFINES SAS signs with CIMC RAFFLES a memorandum of understanding to boost floating wind in Europe and Asia

DOLFINES and CIMC RAFFLES forge floating alliance

DOLFINES, an independent specialist in engineering and services in the renewable energy industry, announces DOLFINES and CIMC RAFFLES have signed a memorandum of understanding to boost floating wind in Europe and Asia

The two companies have agreed to cooperate in the commercial development of their activities in Europe and Asia to boost floating wind in Europe and Asia. The profile of the two companies is very complementary.

CIMC RAFFLES is the leading offshore equipment EPC (Engineering Procurement & Construction) enterprise in China, who has four R&D centers and three shipyards in China that are particularly suited to execute offshore renewable and Oil & Gas (O&G) EPC projects such as the construction of large semi-submersible or jack-up platforms and FPSOs, thanks to huge lifting and dock capacities such as a 20,000 tons gantry crane, 4,215 meters of total quay length and a deep water berth of 18 meters. CIMC RAFFLES is dedicated to supplying high-quality, cost efficient and reliable equipment and services, including offshore logistics services. CIMC RAFFLES is perfectly prepared for the industrialized mass production of floating wind turbines to drive levelized cost of electricity further down.

DOLFINES provides innovative solutions to harvest offshore renewable energy sources. Masterpiece of DOLFINES is TrussFloat™, a semi-submersible platform perfectly suited for floating wind applications such as grid electricity production, offshore O&G platform electrification, direct water injection in mature O&G fields, CCUS (Carbon Capture Utilization & Storage), and offshore hydrogen production.

Jean-Claude Bourdon, CEO of DOLFINES, says:

“We are very proud to work together with CIMC RAFFLES who has all the EPC competences and construction facilities that are needed for an industrialized mass production of floating wind turbines. Moreover, the modular construction concept of TrussFloat™ allows also to comply with local content requirements by using existing construction and transportation infrastructure, even far off the coasts. The signing of this memorandum of understanding shows that DOLFINE’s strong dynamics is not stopped by the current sanitary crisis.”

Fu Qiang, Marketing Director of CIMC RAFFLES, emphasizes:

“DOLFINES has developed a light and passive semi-submersible platform for a large spectrum of floating wind applications. Together with Dolfines, we want to accompany O&G majors towards a carbon neutral future, securing profitable offshore production by giving O&G infrastructure a second life.”