Crimson Polaris grounded and split in two off Japanese port

Grounding of wood-chip carrier Crimson Polaris off Hachinohe

Crimson Polaris grounded and split in two off Japanese port
Photo: Japanese Coast Guard

Crimson Polaris, a dedicated wood-chip carrier chartered by NYK, was swept away by a strong wind while anchored and resultantly ran aground off Hachinohe in Aomori prefecture at around 7:35 am (JST) on August 11.

Afterward, a portion of the ship’s wood-chip cargo was lost from the damaged part of the hull, NYK is currently confirming the amount of cargo and the impact on the sea area at the site. Fortunately, no oil pollution has occurred. All crew members have been evacuated from the ship with the cooperation of the Japan Coast Guard, and those seafarers have been confirmed to be safe.

The hull of the vessel split in two at 4:15 am on August 12, and oil from the vessel has spilt into the ocean. The amount is currently under investigation.

The split hull is about 4 kilometers offshore, and the on-site response is being carried out by Japan Coast Guard patrol boats, tugboats, etc.

The vessel is owned by MI-DAS Line S.A. and managed by Misuga Kaiun Co. Ltd. NYK is currently chartering this ship from the shipowner.

NYK has organized a crisis management center led by NYK president Hitoshi Nagasawa to rapidly address the situation. The company is cooperating with related parties based on advice from the Japan Coast Guard. Company personnel have been sent to the site, and necessary support will be provided to the shipowner and ship-management company.