China completes offshore farm construction for Nordlaks

The huge structure of "Havfarmen" is built in three parts. The construction section has been transported to dry dock at the Yantai yard in China. 

"Havfarmen" is a 385 meter long and 59-meter wide plant which will house up to 10,000 tonnes of salmon. It will be 11,000 tonnes heavier than planned. A total of 33,000 tonnes.

According to the company itself, innovation will help to solve challenges related to areas such as land. The offshore farm will be placed in areas that have so far been inaccessible for farming. The first Havfarmen becomes a stationary giant cage to be placed in a place they call Ytre Hadseløya. 

Besides, seafarm number two is planned. This becomes removable. Communications Manager Lars Fredrik Martinussen in Nordlaks said:

"Number two is getting a little smaller. About 300 meters long and slightly wider. But this is also dimensioned for 10,000 tonnes of salmon, says Martinussen."