BMT REMBRANDT simulators awarded contract in Indonesia

BMT will deliver its first REMBRANDT® DNV Class A, B and C Full Mission Bridge Simulator at a Maritime Academy in Sabah Borneo

BMT REMBRANDT simulators awarded contract in Indonesia
Photo: BMT

The new simulator will be powered by the BMT flagship REMBRANDT® technology to provide maritime training and realistic simulation experiences to students, instructors and operators. Other ancillary technical courses that will form part of the education and training specified by the new contracted facility are Bridge Team Management and specialist manoeuvring procedures including Ship to Ship (STS) transfer operations and Digital Forensics.

Dr Phil Thompson, Director of Maritime Simulation, Training and Surveys Systems at BMT, said:

“We are delighted to be partnering with Sabah Borneo and the leading maritime academies in the region for trusted, world-class simulation and training solutions that will bring tremendous leverage to their trainees.

“With our first REMBRANDT® entry into Sabah Borneo, on the back of multiple contract wins in Indonesia, this build-up in regional scalable contracts represents a holistic training approach, which we expect to see more in future. The flagship technology and its digitised range of maritime education and training offerings goes above and beyond Class A, B and C requirements to include Bridge Team Management and other specialist applications including STS transfer operations and Digital Forensics.” 

The BMT simulator's fully functioning bridge is surrounded by up to 360-degree simulated field of view. Equipped with a suite of flexible editor tools, the REMBRANDT® simulator enables students, instructors and operators to quickly and easily prepare training scenarios and manage exercises in real-time. Easily adaptable and scalable to specific training needs, the simulators can train large numbers of trainees simultaneously and provides the highest level of graphical detail and realism. This includes recent upgrades including cloud-based simulator operations - referencing the first-ever remote, simulator-based ship navigation training programme for multiple training stakeholders that BMT launched in conjunction with its US-based partner, SeaChange Resources, last month.

The BMT REMBRANDT® suite of Full Mission Bridge and Desktop Simulators will allow maritime training academies to expand their training curriculums with IMO and DNV certified simulator training courses, enabling organisations and academies across Southeast Asia and other regions investing in state-of-art maritime training facilities to meet their training goals for highly qualified seafarers.