Awake.AI launches Smart Port as a Service

Awake.AI announces the launch of Smart Port as a Service – an integral component of the open and collaborative Awake Platform.

Awake.AI launches Smart Port as a Service
Photo: Awake.AI

Smart Port as a Service is a web application that allows users to interact and collaborate with other actors in real-time. Smart Port as a Service drives the digital transformation in maritime logistics and spearheads the smart port ecosystem creation.

The service and platform will enable improved efficiency, sustainability, competitiveness, and lower costs for all port actors, including port authorities, terminal operators, cargo owners and many more.

Smart Port as a Service in brief
• Reduction in shipping emissions
• Reducing the cost of transport and the cost of port calls
• Transforming situational awareness into situational understanding
• Industry leading Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA) prediction accuracy
• Near future port call forecasts enabling better planning
• Real-time shared communication channel between actors
• Transparent and fast status sharing of port operations for all actors

The maritime industry is at the beginning of a fundamental transformation. Despite the amplifying digitalization and first autonomous vessels; ships and other maritime actors are still using emails, phones and some even faxes to communicate with each other. These repetitive processes are manual, and daily operational tasks are inefficient. The lack of transparency is the reason for these inefficiencies and operational errors. It is not clear which actor has created the data and there is no footprint or version control. Thus, stakeholders and actors in the port rely on time-consuming speculation to support their decision making, making it prone to errors.

Advances in digitalization and connectivity as well as the need to phase out fossil fuels will impact every aspect of the industry-wide operating model, driving a required change over the next decades. Awake.AI is leading this transition to sustainable and intelligent maritime logistics. To achieve this mission, Awake.AI has developed a software platform which increases operational efficiencies between sea, port and land. The platform enables port actors to reduce turnaround time, emissions and costs. With its novel AI models, the Awake Platform provides port status and service predictions with unprecedented accuracy and reliability.

The Awake Platform brings all maritime logistics actors together to plan operations and achieve sustainability goals by reducing emissions and enabling optimization of different processes within the maritime sector. The platform is an open and collaborative platform, a single place for information trusted by all maritime logistic actors. Awake.AI is now launching not just one, but four revolutions to the market: AI Revolution, Messaging Revolution, Mapping Revolution and Security Revolution.