VIDEO: The world's most powerful Heavy Fire Vessel

The Heavy Fire Vessel (HFV), codenamed the Red Sailfish, is the world’s most powerful firefighting vessel.

The Red Sailfish is equipped with an external firefighting (FiFi) Class 3 system that enables it to discharge a total output of 240,000 litres of seawater in a minute. In addition, the Red Sailfish is able to automatically maintain its position in the water, which helps to stabilize the water and foam monitors for effective firefighting operations.

The Red Sailfish’s capabilities and features include:

  • 12 water and foam onboard monitors capable of pumping water and foam up to a distance of 200 metres while providing a 360-degree firefighting coverage.
  • On-board detection capabilities for hazardous materials.
  • A chemical-biological-radiological (CBR) protection system.
  • 6 automated decontamination shower cubicles.
  • A launch and recovery system for the deployment of a Rigid-hulled Inflatable Boat (RHIB) for rescue operation.
  • Seaborne Electro-Optics Systems (SEOS) with thermal imaging capabilities.
  • A Command Room that has a 4G booster and video streaming system. 

The Red Sailfish is capable of pumping water and foam up to a distance of 200 metres.