VIDEO: ST Engineering introduces an anti-jam GNSS antenna system AgilLOC AEC

Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS) operates across multiple domains and provides essential service from enabling value-added logistics solutions to facilitating civil protection operations. However, GNSS is very susceptible to jamming and interference. A low power interference source can seriously degrade the GNSS position, navigation and time availability - even to the point of service denial.

AgilLOC Antenna Element Compact (AgilLOC AEC) is an integrated anti-jam antenna system which can null up to three concurrent interference sources to ensure continuous GNSS protection to the connected system. The low power compact design allows for easy integration with new or existing legacy systems that require uninterrupted GNSS reception.

AgilLOC Resilient Time Source (AgilLOC RTS) offers a high-level resilience against these threats. Short discipline time allows your system to be quickly protected upon power on. In the monitoring mode, AgilLOC RTS will provide enhanced timing holdover upon detection of spoofing or signal interruptions to ensure system continuity.

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