VIDEO: Oceaneering presents a new ROV technology

Freedom ROV provides a new level of flexibility and efficiency while performing common ROV tasks, including survey, inspection, valve and torque tool operations, manipulator-related activities, and underwater inspection in lieu of drydocking (UWILD) operations.

Freedom’s architecture is based on reliable hardware and software that enables increased autonomy, endurance, and missions. Adopting a plug-and-play operational philosophy, Freedom provides a low-maintenance, field-configurable vehicle that can be optimized via interchangeable payload packages and sensor suites specifically designed to meet diverse work scopes. 

The modular design of the vehicle enables configuration to best meet dynamic mission work scopes including infield inspection, long-range survey, and light intervention. 

The ROV can operate in both autonomous and tethered modes and is supported by a subsea docking station. Freedom is intrinsically modular and can be configured to meet project demands. Freedom includes a novel subsea-mateable tooling interface at the front and rear of the vehicle to provide increased functionality.