VIDEO: New hydrographic survey CEE-USV launched

Dynautics Ltd, the leader in intelligent marine electronics for unmanned boats and CEE HydroSystems, manufacturer of shallow water hydrographic survey echo sounders announced a technical collaboration which brings a uniquely integrated unmanned survey solution to the market, the CEE-USV™.

The CEE-USV™ hydrographic survey vessel received its specialized CEE-PILOT™ control system, developed in partnership with Dynautics Ltd., utilising a custom version of the Spectre E-boat module integrated with Eye4Software’s Hydromagic survey software.

Adrian McDonald of CEE HydroSystems, commented:

‘We declined to patch together a system based on freeware, or community-based programming, but instead set the bar high for a fully integrated hardware and software solution. This approach was the only way to maintain CEE’s unique usability and simplicity, even on a robotic USV.’

The collaboration’s focus on simplicity led to the removal of all extraneous connections with no on-board PC needed. Simpler operations are provided through the pre-defined survey grid patterns set up in Hydromagic being integrated with route planning in the modified E-Boat module.

Dr Henry Robinson, Dynautics CEO, commented:

‘Working with CEE HydroSystems is a great example of how collaborations, which are focused on the ease of the use for the customer, provide excellent solutions. Combining and integrating complementary technologies provides a powerful solution’.