VIDEO: Boluda Towage Europe assisted heavy lift vessel with five giant cranes

On 19 November 2019, Boluda Towage Europe safely assisted heavy lift Vessel ‘Zhen Hua 25’, loaded with 5 giant container cranes. As from the entrance of the River Scheldt, when passing the port of Flushing, two tugs convoyed the Zhen Hua 25 all the way to the port of Antwerp, where two additional tugs joined the convoy. With the assistance of four powerful tugs, Zhen Hua 25 was safely moored at the PSA Noordzee Terminal.

The new cranes are built tailor-made in China at the Shanghai Zhenhua Heavy Industries Company Limited (ZPMC), and delivered on board the heavy lift vessel MS Zhen Hua 25. Two of the container cranes are destined for Antwerp PSA Noordzee Terminal. The other three are constructed for PEEL ports Liverpool and will be delivered at the L2 container terminal in the port of Liverpool.

Two container cranes will be 'unloaded' at the PSA Noordzee Terminal and will be prepared for operations during the next couple of months. The new container cranes have a lifting height of 52 meters and a 70 meter outreach. They are among the largest in the world and perfectly able to handle the latest mega container ships. In addition, they are "dual hoist" cranes, that can handle two 40-foot or four 20-foot containers simultaneously, with a total weight of 100 tons.

In close cooperation with the PSA Noordzee Terminal, Flemish River Pilots, Antwerp Port Authorities, Global Nautical Authorities and the local agent Newman Shipping Agency, this operation was well prepared during various meetings and the assistance was delivered without any hick-ups. For Boluda Towage Europe it was an honor to be part of this great project.