VIDEO: ARES Security releases new software for seaports

ARES Security Corporation has announced the release of its first multi-tenant, Software as a Service (SaaS) offering to U.S. seaports.

ARES Security is now offering their Avert C2 (formally CommandBridge) system as a SaaS platform for small and medium sized ports to leverage the powerful capability that has been used by more than a third of the largest seaports in the U.S. since 2006. The solution is also deployed at several law enforcement, transportation and DoD facilities throughout the country. 

AVERT C2 is a robust command and control platform that integrates disparate security and operational systems and sensors, communications systems and other information sources such as asset locations, access control, cameras, GIS and more. AVERT C2 users are provided with a customizable, unified contextual display that allows them to quickly access relevant information in real-time.

This capability streamlines workflows and collaboration so that no time is wasted switching between systems or fumbling through Standard Operating Procedures during an incident response. With time being the most critical factor to help save lives and money during a response, AVERT C2 enables rapid decision making that is in accordance with established procedures and coordinated across all responding agencies.

The new SaaS solution provides small and medium sized ports with a version of AVERT C2 that can be added to and expanded upon over time, allowing the platform to grow with the port’s needs. Ben Eazzetta, CEO of ARES Security states:

“We are excited to offer the first of a series of planned SaaS solutions to our customers and provide enhanced security, automation and operational capabilities to the entire market.” 

Ports can also add advanced applications including reporting, event planning and management, berth scheduling, and more to the base system to further enhance the operations at their port. These applications not only improve outdated workflows but also improve the user interfaces and ease of use for clients’ existing systems.

The berth scheduling application provides a simplified process for submitting and managing berth requests that is tied to the geofencing and reporting for more accurate billing. The events application allows users to create focused event profiles that include all the assets relevant to an event that can easily be shared with partnering agencies. The secured sharing of this pertinent information brings the command center into the hands of security teams and first responders for heightened awareness and truly collaborative responses.