VARD secures contract for one cable laying vessel for Prysmian Group

The new vessel will follow “Leonardo da Vinci” delivered in 2021

VARD secures contract for one cable laying vessel for Prysmian Group

VARD has secured a new contract for the design and construction of one Cable Laying Vessel for Prysmian Group in Italy. The contract value amounts to approximately euro 200 million.

The new vessel will be very similar to Leonardo da Vinci, which was delivered from VARD to Prysmian in 2021. 

Valerio Battista, CEO Prysmian Group, stated:

“The development of smart and sustainable power grids infrastructure is key to enable the energy transition, and submarine cables are an essential component. As global leader we are fully committed to technology innovation and we are happy to partner with a worldwide leader in the construction of vessels like Fincantieri and Vard to improve also our installation capabilities.”

Pierroberto Folgiero, CEO of Fincantieri, said:

“The complexity of such a ship fully demonstrates Fincantieri’s ability to ensure its customers technological excellence, constant innovation and commitment to sustainability. Indeed, the highly demanding context in which the vessel will operate, both in terms of environment and hi-tech requirements, will enhance the sophisticated latest generation onboard systems. We are therefore particularly pleased to serve Prysmian – once again – with a successful project in a sector such as the cabling one, while supporting energy transition, which will attract investments in the near future”.

The new vessel is especially designed for advanced subsea operations. As Leonardo da Vinci, the cable layer features deep water installation capabilities for depths of more than 3,000 meters and the highest cable loading capacity in the market. The cable layer is developed to perform complex installation operations, supported by a variety of burial systems, including heavy-duty ploughs, and state-of-the-art positioning and seakeeping systems, coupled with a reduced environmental footprint.

The vessel is designed by Vard Design in Ålesund, Norway. The hull will be built at Vard Tulcea in Romania, while the final outfitting, commissioning and delivery will be carried out by one of VARD’s shipyard in Norway. The Group’s high technology subsidiaries are also involved in the project through deliveries of equipment and solutions. VARD is a part of the Fincantieri Group.

The cable layer is scheduled for delivery in Q1 2025.

Technical information

  • Length of approximately 170 meters and a beam of about 34 meters.
  • Cable installation equipment including carousels of 7,000 and 10,000 tonnes.
  • State-of-the-art DP3 positioning and seakeeping systems.
  • Bollard pull in excess of 180 tonnes.
  • Maximum transit speed will exceed 16 knots.