USA, Denmark, the Netherlands: Collaboration to strengthen cyber security

USA, Denmark, the Netherlands: Collaboration to strengthen cyber security

A high level of cyber security for ships and ports is necessary to sustain global trade.

On October 1-3, 2019, the United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands chaired a maritime cybersecurity event in the margins of the One Conference in The Hague, a three-day international conference focused on cybersecurity and the economic opportunities offered by cyberspace, aiming to facilitate the exchange of knowledge and ideas within the international cybersecurity community.

The United States, Denmark, and the Netherlands affirmed the vision they share of a global, open, interoperable, reliable, and secure Internet and stable cyberspace, and commitment to continued collaborative efforts in enhancing cybersecurity in the maritime sector.

Andreas Nordseth, Director of the Danish Maritime Authority, said:

“The increasing digitalisation poses significant new security challenges. Cyber threats know no bounds making it vital that we cooperate on maritime cyber security to ensure shipping both at sea and in port.”

The following statement was released by the Governments of the United States of America, Denmark, and the Netherlands:

"While digitization provides tremendous opportunities for economic and social growth, it also poses new security challenges. Maritime cybersecurity is a necessity to keep our people, ports, cargo, and ships safe and secure. Given the inherent connectivity of cyberspace and the interconnectivity of the international maritime transportation system, international cooperation is vital to keep our maritime sector digitally secure and promote economic opportunities.
The maritime cybersecurity event brought together like-minded nations to share knowledge and expertise to prevent and respond to threats from cyberspace that could bring societies to a standstill."

The maritime cybersecurity event follows the May 2019 U.S.-Dutch Cyber Collaboration initiative, launched in The Hague, as a platform to support closer cooperation on a range of transnational cyber issues including research partnerships, critical infrastructure protection, elections security, law enforcement investigations, responsible state behavior and other topics.

In 2020, the Danish Maritime Authority will host the second instalment of the maritime cybersecurity conference.