Speedcast upgrades major norwegian fleet’s VSAT connectivity

Speedcast upgrades major norwegian fleet’s VSAT connectivity

Fleet of 40 vessels will employ enhanced VSAT connectivity, Iridium Certus back-up solution and onboard network management via SIGMA Gateway.
Speedcast International Limited, the world’s most trusted provider of remote communications and IT solutions, has signed a multi-year fleet contract extension with a major Norwegian ship owner to deliver significantly increased VSAT connectivity along with the latest Iridium Certus back-up solution.

In addition to the provision of Global VSAT and L-Band connectivity, Speedcast will install its industry-leading SIGMA Gateway network management platform across the entire fleet of over 40 vessels. SIGMA Gateway seamlessly manages Speedcast’s global VSAT, L-Band, 4G/LTE and Wi-Fi services, bringing powerful capabilities to support vessels with advanced technology requirements.

Athina Vezyri, Executive Vice President of Maritime for Speedcast, said:

“This is a long-time Speedcast customer with a desire to take advantage of Speedcast’s high-speed VSAT service for increased bandwidth and faster speeds. The upgrade will increase operational effectiveness and facilitate the customer’s vision of improved welfare for onboard crew, while SIGMA Gateway will support the company’s network management requirements — today and in the years to come.”

The customer’s Global Fleet Support Systems Manager said:

“We look forward to the roll out of Speedcast’s VSAT connectivity solution onboard our fleet. Increased bandwidth and enhanced connectivity management services deployed via Speedcast’s SIGMA Gateway will increase our fleet’s operational efficiency and ensure improved service management on board each vessel.”