SeaTec steps into offshore platform installation works in Malaysia

SeaTec steps into offshore platform installation works in Malaysia

SeaTec recently completed air diving works as part of a major offshore project on the Bokor oilfield close to the Malaysian coast.

The project marks SeaTec’s first foray into offshore platform installation works. Siang Yee Koh, SeaTec’s Singapore based engineering and projects manager who led the project, said of the completion:

“This project is significant as it breaks new ground for SeaTec as the first platform installation of its kind for our organisation. We intend to develop our service offering in the region and this project is a great starting point for SeaTec to grow into a major player.”

The Bokor oilfield, which is operated by Malaysian oil and gas giant Petronas, has undergone continued development since its discovery in the 1970s. Situated in the Baram Delta area approximately 28 miles from Lutong in the north east of Malaysia, the oilfield lies nearly 70m underwater. “Executing a subsea project on behalf of Petronas gives SeaTec increased credibility as a supplier,” explains Siang Yee, “particularly as it was a challenging project with high demands for local compliance.”

Alan Trevarthen, Director for SeaTec’s Subsea division, said:

“The delivery of this project was a very important and hard won milestone in SeaTec’s penetration of the Malaysian and wider offshore market. I would like to thank the team for their hard work and perseverance in achieving completion. We have for many years been delivering above and below inspection, repair and maintenance services to the drilling rig market operating offshore Malaysia. This new development perfectly complements support for our traditional offshore customers.”

For more information on the Bokor project and SeaTec’s subsea services, contact Alan Trevarthen.