SCHOTTEL supplies propulsion solutions for Bibby WaveMaster Horizon

SCHOTTEL supplies propulsion solutions for Bibby WaveMaster Horizon

The newly built Service Operation Vessel (SOV) "Bibby WaveMaster Horizon" is equipped with propulsion units from SCHOTTEL.

Ordered by the British company Bibby Marine Services Ltd. and built at Damen Shipyards Galati, the vessel is driven by three rudderpropellers and two bow thrusters from the German propulsion expert. The new walk-to-work vessel is purpose-built for the transfer and accommodation of support and maintenance engineers at offshore wind farms.

The 89.65 m long and 20.00 m wide "Bibby WaveMaster Horizon" recently started work on the "Hohe See" and "Albatros" offshore wind farms in the German North Sea. Homeported in Emden, Germany, it will be used for operations and maintenance services. For this purpose, the SOV has a deadweight of 2,300 tonnes, a deck space of 425 m² and accommodation for a total of 60 people.

The propulsion system of Damen’s SOV 9010 design vessel is powered by four diesel generators, driving the electric motors of the SCHOTTEL propulsion package. With two SCHOTTEL Rudderpropellers type SRP 460 FP featuring an input power of 2,150 kW each and a propeller diameter of 2.60 m at the stern, the vessel will reach a top speed of 13 knots.

At the bow, two SCHOTTEL Transverse Thrusters type STT 4 FP (860 kW each) and one SCHOTTEL Retractable Rudderpropeller type SRP 260 RT (860 kW) – which can be used as a tunnel thruster in its retracted position – complete the propulsion package. In combination, the SCHOTTEL propulsion solutions enable the vessel to manoeuvre precisely in confined waters and maintain an exact position during DP operations.

The SCHOTTEL Rudderpropeller (SRP) sets standards as a main or auxiliary propulsion unit, even in the toughest offshore operation to which the newly built vessel will be exposed. By rotating the underwater section through 360°, the full propulsive power can also be used for manoeuvring and for dynamic positioning (DP) of the vessel.

The hydraulically retractable rudderpropellers are retracted into the hull for open-water service and lowered for manoeuvring and dynamic positioning at the site of operation. With the rudderpropeller retracted, the "Bibby WaveMaster Horizon" is able to take advantage of the SRP-RT as a tunnel thruster. Beyond this, the SRP-RT can be used as a take-home device.