Safehaven Marine tests its boats in extremely rough conditions

Safehaven Marine build ‘All weather’ lifeboats and pilot boats. What does ‘all weather’ mean? Put simply it means the boat is capable of operating in all weather conditions, up to storm force 10 and 6-7m waves.

Pilot boats, especially those operating out of open Atlantic coasts experience big seas regularly, often on a daily basis during winter months and need to be especially capable of dealing with heavy weather.

If ones building a formula one race car, then clearly you’re going to want to test it on a race track, driving it on the public roads is simply not going to allow one to test its full capabilities.
The same applies when one is designing boats that have to operate in extremely rough conditions, testing the boat in calm conditions in small waves is not going to allow you to test the design to its ultimate capabilities, to do this you simply have to test the boat in rough conditions, conditions that can only be generated by a storm.

Therefore undertaking sea trials in rough, storm generated conditions has been, and continues to be a fundamental part of both Safehaven Marine's design process in both understanding what constitutes good sea keeping, and ensuring the boats engineering is fully capable of withstanding the tremendously violent and harsh conditions experienced by all elements of the boat whilst weathering a storm.