RMD unveils first green crew transfer vessel design for offshore market

The Rockabill 32m vessel concept features green propulsion technology to harness the power of alternative fuels.

RMD unveils first green crew transfer vessel design for offshore market
Photo: Rockabill Marine Design

Rockabill Marine Design (RMD), a newly established vessel design house, and part of the CSO Marine Group, has unveiled the company’s first green crew transfer vessel (CTV) design. 

Designed to meet the growing and evolving needs of the offshore renewables sector, and the increased focus on emission reductions worldwide, the 32m vessel combines fuel efficiencies with high-speed capabilities and significant capacity and comfort for both crew and passengers.

Following consultation with stakeholders from across the offshore wind industry, the demand for a CTV utilising innovative technologies to reduce CO2 emissions was clear. The RMD vessel achieves this through a series hybrid system running highspeed quad pod drives, with diesel generators located within the hull compartment. In addition, each generator has the capability to be converted to an alternative fuel source with minimal downtime.

The design pays particular attention to technician and crew health, safety and comfort, delivering the workforce in the best possible work-ready condition, resulting in increased operation days offshore for O&M and construction activities. The vessel boasts seating for up to 30 passengers.

Ruairi Grimes, Managing Director of Rockabill Marine Design, said:

“We are delighted to release to the market the initial concept for what will be an industry leading green CTV. The concept is the result of many years’ experience within the offshore energy industry, and truly
understanding operators' and charterers' ‘must-haves’, whilst avoiding the pitfalls many other designers have encountered when trialling cutting-edge emissions reduction technology.”

The aluminium catamaran features above deck accommodation for six crew, providing a low cost, low carbon alternative to SOVs. Each cabin has ample storage space, with adjoining washroom equipped with private shower and toilet.

Each vessel features generous foredecks with a large area accommodating four x 10ft or two x 20ft containers, deck crane, anchor winch, fuel, and high-pressure water supplier reels.