Piriou signs for the order of a new tug for Caraibes Remorquage

PIRIOU has just recorded a new order for the OST 30 of its tug range dedicated to towage.

Piriou signs for the order of a new tug for Caraibes Remorquage
Photo: Piriou

As the operator of Pointe-à-Pitre harbour in Guadeloupe -French Caribbean Island-, CARAIBES REMORQUAGE confirmed the construction of their 30.30 m tug with 60 tonnes bollard pull and two azimuth stern propellers. It will be built in Vietnam and its delivery is scheduled in the 3rd quarter of 2022. This new tug will strengthen the fleet operated in Guadeloupe in joining POINTE TALI, the 55 tonnes bollard pull OST 30 PIRIOU delivered in 2018.

This tug is more powerful and fitted with integrated slipping clutches for optimized operation.

Vincent Faujour, PIRIOU Group General Manager declares:

‘After delivering ‘Pointe Tali’ at the end of 2018, we are happy to continue our relationship with one of the main operators in the Caribbean Islands. With nearly 20 years’ experience building tugs, sea proven designs and a strong ability to customize our vessels to meet customers’ requirements, we keep strengthening our position as a significant actor in this segment’.


‘We have been very satisfied with the tug Pointe Tali we have been operating for two years. This the reason why we very naturally called upon Piriou for this new tug more powerful and better equipped to answer the requirements of shipowners, shipping agents and of the Grand Port Maritime de Guadeloupe. It will expand our fleet and assist, in particular, the ever-larger container ships that call at the ports of Basse-Terre, Marie-Galante and Pointe-à-Pitre. We also provide assistance and rescue services in deep seas.

The vessel will be named POINTE VIGIE 2. It is a tribute to the first tug in our fleet that got the company off the ground and continues to provide service today’.

A versatile harbour and coastal ASD tug

The OST 30 is a versatile tug designed for towing and push-pull harbour assistance as well as for high sea towing operations. Featuring a 30.3 m length, it can also provide assistance to vessels approaching access channels.

It is equipped with 2 azimuth stern drive propellers and integrated slipping clutches. These propellers are driven by 2 high speed marine Diesel engines.
On the bridge, the ergonomics of the unique control room allows the captain to perform all driving and manoeuvring tasks by himself thanks to a very good visibility both at horizontal and vertical over the working area and the environment.

In order to answer CARAIBES REMORQUAGE specific operating conditions, this tug features:

  • A pneumatic starter system in order to limit the number of batteries on board
  • Gasoil and fresh water systems for ship supply
  • A 1/2 Fi-Fi equipment to perform fire-fighting
  • A rear winch and a towing hook for deep sea towing
  • Fenders adapted to push low freeboard barges
  • An indirect refrigeration system involving all the vessel equipment with box coolers adapted to tropical conditions and no seawater circulation.

This tug is designed to carry out every three years careening with special anti-fouling and ICAF

Accommodation is compliant with the latest ILO 2006 standards and special care was taken to sound insulation and air conditioning.