Oma Baatbyggeri delivers the last of three 39m catamarans to Norled

Oma Baatbyggeri delivers the last of three 39m catamarans to Norled
Photo: Oma Baatbyggeri

Oma Baatbyggeri AS and Norled AS signed a contract for the delivery of three 39-meter passenger catamarans with capacity for 296 passengers in 2018.

M/S “Fjorddronningen”, the first of the three sister ships, was delivered to Norled AS on October 15 2019, while M/S “Fjordprinsen” was delivered on December 10 2019. Both vessels will be operational from 1 January 2020. With the delivery of M / S «Fjordjarl» this week, Norled has now received the three vessels. The boats will traffic in Troms in the route between Tromsø, Finnsnes and Harstad.

The vessel type is a further development of the renowned Oma Passenger catamarans, which the shipyard has delivered many of, to various Norwegian shipping companies.

This new building has a design and is equipped with engines that will provide further reduction in energy consumption. With this new build, Oma Baatbyggeri confirms its leading positions in terms of low fuel oil consumption, low noise and high passenger comfort. Furthermore, the layout of the vessel is arranged to accommodate passengers with disabilities ensuring comfortable travel for all onboard.

In May 2018, it was official that Norled had won the big tender contract for the fastboat connection between Harstad and Tromsø from 2020 to 2030. With this, Norled manifested its position as by far the largest fast boat company in Norway. At the same time, Norled is now the world’s fifth largest fast boat operator, and the player that drives much of the technology development in the industry. The company is also a leader in fjord tourism and sees great potential for further development of the tourism sector in Northern Norway.

CEO Lars Jacob Engelsen says:

"Our ambition is to be a driver for new and environmentally friendly technology. Cooperation within the maritime technology cluster in Norway is very special and is in many ways similar to the leading technology environments in the world, with a high degree of trust and a high degree of flexibility at the same time. We have worked closely with Oma Baatbyggeri for many years and know through experience that they build vessels that are of a very high quality, modern and provide an excellent travel experience."