Alewijnse completes electrical conversion on board Jumbo Javelin

For this conversion Alewijnse engineered, manufactured and delivered several new switchboards and modified systems for power management and alarm monitoring.

Alewijnse completes electrical conversion on board Jumbo Javelin
Photo: Jumbo

The new switchboards will manage the additional power provided by six temporary containerised generator sets, which Jumbo has had installed to increase the vessel’s capacity for a new offshore wind installation project in Taiwan.

The six generator sets have been fitted to supply power to the vessel’s bow thrusters and offshore equipment during DP operations. The Alewijnse switchboards will manage this increased power supply. 

Alewijnse’s Manager Service Ben Bonte says:

“Our switchboards have made it possible for the Jumbo Javelin to have a fully separated power supply for the two bow thrusters. In the previous set-up, there was not enough power available for the temporary equipment. The upgraded configuration gives Jumbo the extra capacity and reliability to take on the new project.”

Alewijnse has managed the complete integration of the new switchboards into Jumbo Javelin’s existing systems. Furthermore, the company installed the switchboards in such a way as to allow the ship’s electrical systems to return to their previous settings after the removal of the temporary generators. This has been  achieved through modifications to the PMS and PLC control systems. The new switchboards will, however, remain in position, giving Jumbo the option to increase the vessel’s power capacity again in the future.

The project has faced additional challenges as a result of the coronavirus crisis. Ben Bonte explains:

"Because of the COVID-19 measures we were not allowed to board the vessel for installation and commissioning works. We solved this by outsourcing the work to local staff in Singapore, while we coordinated the work preparation and supervision from the Alewijnse office in the Netherlands. Thanks to the close cooperation between the client, other subcontractors, local partners and the remote assistance of Alewijnse, we have succeeded in this.”

Ad van de Langeraad, Fleet Manager at Jumbo, added:

“For an upcoming offshore wind farm installation in Taiwan we needed an upgrade of the capability plot of our DP installation. We needed additional power for the bow-thrusters to get DP capability up to the required level. To make this happen, we contacted Alewijnse. They did the complete electrical installation when the Jumbo Javelin was built, as well as the conversion to DP2 in 2005.

“Alewijnse came up with an electrical solution for this DP upgrade that we can also use in the future. You can imagine that mobilizing an offshore construction vessel during the Covid-19 lockdown is not easy, but we managed it. After the modification we held a successful DP trial, including an FMEA.”

The Jumbo Javelin is a dynamically-positioned, heavy lift crane vessel operated by heavy lift shipping and offshore installation contractor Jumbo. The 144-metre vessel is currently mobilizing and will soon be handling the transportation and installation of wind turbine generator (WTG) structures at the Yunlin Offshore Wind Farm. When completed, this will be Taiwan’s first large, multi-megawatt, offshore wind project.