NIBULON launches its first T410 project tug

NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard has launched its first new T410 project harbor pusher tug. The shipbuilding program provides for the building of the two T410 project tugs.

NIBULON launches its first T410 project tug

The shipyard is efficiently building its modern Ukrainian fleet and carrying out the planned maintenance of the existing self-propelled and non-self-propelled vessels. The shipbuilders are currently working on thirteen vessels. 

The T410 project vessel is a harbor pusher tug intended for pushing non-self-propelled vessels with the deadweight of up to 3 thousand tons, forming barge convoys, carrying out mooring operations as well as cargo trips in shallow waters, servicing non-self-propelled machinery and other floating equipment. The vessel’s dimensions are as follows: length overall - 15.45 m, breadth – 6.70 m, depth – 1.85 m,  draught – 1.20 m, displacement – 80 t, speed – 5-7 knots. 

The shipbuilders have installed the up-to-date equipment produced by the world leading manufacturers, namely 2 main engines by Scania (Switzerland), 2 rudder propellers by DTG Propulsion BV (the Netherlands), 2 auxiliary diesel-generators by SIA Rigas Dizelis DG (Latvia), and others. The shipbuilders have mounted the deck and mooring equipment comprising fore anchor and mooring winches, a manual capstan, a quick release towing hook, a deck manual boat crane, and hydraulic coupling winches. The shipbuilders have installed the hydraulic coupling winches for the first time. They have the advantage of automatically maintaining continuous load on the ropes on both sides, thereby increasing the service life of coupling winches as well as contributing to the navigation safety.

The T410 project tug as the majority of NIBULON’s vessels has a vertically movable wheelhouse. The aluminum wheelhouse with 360 degree visibility is raised/lowered up to 2.4 m within 180 seconds, thereby increasing the visibility range and visible horizon as well as guaranteeing navigation safety.   

NIBULON’s shipping company is waiting for an order.

According to Dmytro Maystrenko, a leading navigation safety expert at NIBULON, the T410 project tug will optimize the company’s fleet operations:

“The vessel will mainly carry out harbor operations. Due to their small-sized dimensions, these tugs are more maneuverable and more efficient than other ones, thereby enabling the company to save fuel during operations. The tugs will easily maneuver at the wharfs and in the outer roads of river anchorage, will participate in forming and preparing convoys of non-self-propelled vessels to be towed/pushed by high-capacity tugs, will be engaged in piloting NIBULON’s non-self-propelled vessels through the lock. At present the company is considering the involvement of the T410 project tugs to assist other vessels to safely pass under the bridges during unfavourable weather conditions as well as to deliver cargoes to NIBULON’s river facilities along the Southern Buh."

Having launched the vessel, the shipbuilders started mounting engines and propulsion unit. The specialists are preparing the tug for mooring and sea trials. The first T410 project harbor pusher tug will soon join NIBULON’s fleet and start to perform its first tasks. NIBULON shipbuilding and repair yard will take a step forward to implement the company’s investment program to revive Ukrainian rivers as transport arteries.