New GreenSteam Manager delivers proven fuel savings

New GreenSteam Manager delivers proven fuel savings

This new unique platform delivers proven fuel savings using a decade’s experience in shipping specific machine learning.

GreenSteam Manager builds a precise vessel performance baseline and ensures accurate fuel saving predictions.

With a focus on user experience, the new GreenSteam Manager delivers deep insights and actionable advice through an intuitive dashboard. Benefits of GreenSteam Manager:

• The unique GreenSteam Machine Learning platform provides higher levels of accuracy than ISO 19030 when applied to hull fouling.

• See fuel wastage through trim and fouling, and potential savings for a fleet, or individual vessel.

• Robust vessel to vessel comparisons, highlighting high and low performers instantly.

• Clearer information to help you make informed decisions on the ideal vessel trim for best fuel economy.

• Better fleet monitoring with enhanced map display showing live sat-AIS positions, ECA zones and KPI performance.

• Identify the impact on performance after a hull cleaning or docking.

• Improved loading of vessels through online accurate trim tables.