MOL's innovation activities earn ClassNK innovation endorsement certification

ClassNK has granted its Innovation Endorsements for Products & Solutions to two initiatives by Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. (MOL), "FOCUS" and "Sustainable Seafaring, Wellness Living".

MOL's innovation activities earn ClassNK innovation endorsement certification

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines announces that "FOCUS", a ship operation data analysis software system, and "Sustainable Seafaring, Wellness Living", a living quarters concept that enhances seafarers' wellbeing, have received Nippon Kaiji Kyokai (ClassNK)'s Innovation Endorsement Certification, which recognizes innovative initiatives in the maritime industry. 

"FOCUS" is an operational data analysis software system that collects and analyzes detailed data from ICT-enabled vessels. Based on detailed navigation and engine data obtained from vessels in operation, MOL monitors ship operations and analyzes propulsive performance, thereby streamlining communication and cooperation between vessels and shoreside personnel to enhance operating safety and reduce environmental impact.

ClassNK has verified the functions of "FOCUS":

1. Vessel performance analysis that integrates abundant operational knowledge and naval architecture method.

2. Realization of sailing with low GHG emission and improvement of effective operation by precise performance analysis. 

3. Realization of safe vessel operation with effective support from shore side.

4. Utilization of noon report data by visualization and improvement of data accuracy.

5. Fleet Tour function utilizing general arrangement and photographs taken by 360 degree camera.

"Sustainable Seafaring, Wellness Living" is a concept for seafarers' living quarters to realize seafarers' wellbeing, conceived by young employees in MOL's Technical Division and Maritime Safety Division after listening to the opinions and ideas of seafarers. They collaborated with shipyards, design companies, and other partners in bringing the concept to fruition.

In terms of hygiene, privacy, comfort, health, and convenience, improve life on board and create a stress-free environment. In addition, a new established "IKOI", an onboard third place in the living quarters, which features an open design with ample light, providing a "healing space that can be used by anyone, regardless of whether they are officers or crewmembers." 

ClassNK has reviewed the initiatives under this concept with the aim of: 

1. improving the basic living environment on board through specifications that contribute to hygiene, privacy, and health, regardless of the type of ship.

2. achieving a more attractive and rewarding environment with specifications for each type of ship that contribute to comfort, convenience, and quality of life, and 

3. realizing the well-being on board by establishing a new public space "IKOI" in the accommodation space. After conducting verifications on each, ClassNK has issued certificates to MOL.