Kalmar introduces a new automation system for container terminals

Kalmar introduces a new automation system for container terminals

Kalmar, part of Cargotec, introduces Kalmar One, the first open automation system for container terminals. Kalmar One is a modular and scalable system that provides a robust foundation for automating container handling operations regardless of the vendor, equipment type, operation mode or automation level at the terminal. 

Antti Kaunonen, President, Kalmar Automation Solutions, says:

"Kalmar One is the next step on our journey to promote openness in our industry. We want to speed up the industry transformation by offering a standardised system that allows customers to change the automation level of their operations at a pace that suits their business. One of the most important factors holding back our industry is the lack of global commercial standards for terminal automation. Our automation system brings clarity to the automation offering and enables customers to take ownership of their terminal’s automation journey."

Kalmar One combines Kalmar’s equipment control system and process automation capabilities into one system with open interfaces. The openness of the system is enabled by Kalmar Key that was introduced two years ago. Built on the extensive experience Kalmar has in automating container terminals, Kalmar One makes it possible for customers to streamline their container handling operations faster, easier and more cost-efficiently. The extensive portfolio of automation products ranging from process automation to fully automated moves as well as the provided lifetime support provided allows customers to choose the level of automation they wish to deploy based on their business requirements. 

Tero Kokko, COO, SVP, Terminal Automation Solutions, Kalmar, says:

“We have defined and bundled common functionalities of container handling into product families that can be used to automate both Kalmar applications as well as solutions where competitor equipment is part of the solution. Because the same automation products are used to build different applications, our support will be more responsive and customers can trust that the new enhancements and features will work and are available during the whole lifetime of the application.”

The Kalmar One automation system has six product families and system tools that provide the customer with the right solution for their operating environment.