Japan ship operator to pay $9M over Mauritius oil spill

MOL announces Initiatives aiming for recovery of Environmental Damage from the Wakashio Incident, and to Contribute to the Mauritian Community

Japan ship operator to pay $9M over Mauritius oil spill
Photo: IMO

Mitsui O.S.K. Lines, Ltd. has announced to provide long-term contributions to the environment and the society of Mauritius with the support and cooperation of experts and organizations with specialized knowledge of environmental restoration and protection, and working closely with the government of Japan.

Thirteen MOL Group employees have been dispatched to the site, and MOL has procured and transported essential items for the collection and recovery of leaked oil as well as other relief supplies. The details of the projects are as follows.

1. Protecting and restoring the natural environment
The Japanese Ministry of the Environment has already dispatched experts to Mauritius to conduct mid and long-term environmental monitoring and consider measures to restore the environment. MOL will implement the following projects in cooperation with Japan’s Ministry of the Environment

  • Mangrove protection/nurturing project
  • Coral reef recovery project
  • Protecting seabirds and conducting research on rare species of seabirds
  • Establishment of the Mauritius Natural Environment Recovery 

2. Financial contributions to local NGOs, the government of Mauritius, and funds from the international public organizations
MOL will make donations to several local NGOs and contribute to funds established by public agencies such as those related to the government of Mauritius and the United Nations (UN). It plans to contribute a total of about 100 million Japanese Yen.

3. Personnel contribution

  • Continue to dispatch MOL employees to the site
  • Establishment of the Mauritius Representative Office (already announced)
  • Employee Training

4. Contributions to the community and industries

  • Contribution to fisheries and marine product industries
  • Contribution to tourism industry

MOL plans to contribute a total fund of about 1 billion Japanese Yen over several years to support measures 1 - 3 above. 

MOL continually engages in efforts to resolve the situation in Mauritius and restore the environment in cooperation with authorities in Mauritius and Japan, other concerned parties around the world, and the shipowner.