Innovez One to digitise Singapore’s last mile delivery of launch operations

New solution will increase efficiency in launch services, improve productivity, and accelerate automation and digitalisation of manual, time-consuming pier operations.

Innovez One to digitise Singapore’s last mile delivery of launch operations

Innovez One is embarking on a collaboration to automate and digitise Singapore’s last-mile delivery of launch operations at its Marina South Pier (MCP) and West Coast Pier (WCP). This project is one of the 11 Joint Industry Projects recently awarded by the Maritime Port Authority and announced by Mr. Chee Hong Tat, Senior Minister of State for Transport and Foreign Affairs, at the Smart Port Challenge 2020 Finals.

Innovez One will launch its new Counter Service Digital Platform, a contactless counter services software that will streamline the current time-consuming manual operations at MCP and WCP, increasing efficiencies and generating significant cost savings. The project is being conducted in collaboration with leading maritime companies including GAC Group, Bernhard Schulte, HHH Marine Launch, DM Sea Logistics (part of DM Group Services), and KanLian Ferry. The trial will first be conducted in West Coast Pier (WCP) before being further extended into Marina South Pier (MCP).

Currently, there are over 40 launch operators and only a subset of launch operators operate counter services at MCP and WCP serving the business and consumer community that provide crucial services to calling ships, such as shipping agents, crew change, ship supplies, and chandlery, ship inspections, and bunker surveyors. Hundreds of transactions are managed every day currently requiring human-to-human booking, scheduling, and confirmation and payment processes, as well as the storing and retrieval of items, the majority of which are still manual.

The Counter Service Digital Platform will encompass several effective innovations, negating the need for physical counter services and replacing repetitive processes with the digitalisation of core services including passenger management and loose cargo management. 

The Counter Service Digital Platform will overhaul passenger management with passengers receiving booking and QR codes on email or apps prior to boarding the launch from the ship or arrival at the terminal. Onboarding, the QR code is scanned and registered, and the information is fed directly to the ship agent and launch company. Universal display panels will be deployed at the piers. These will offer immediate arrival and departure time information, the estimated time of arrival of the vessel, and the boarding location, enabling more efficient launch services due to clear, up-to-date information regarding passenger journeys.

The piers will also host storage solutions to securely store loose items or spare parts cargo for pick up either by the shipping agents or boatmen. This will ensure the grounds of the piers are constantly clear, as well as managing the size of cargo that is handled at the piers, ensuring the integrity of the cargo and adherence to standards. 

The Counter Service Digital Platform will provide an open API for data exchange and transactions with any solutions or systems, ensuring interoperability as well as scalability with new digital innovations.

David Yeo, group CEO and founder of Innovez One, said:

“The launch and implementation of the Counter Service Digital Platform is a significant step in using digital solutions to tackle manual, traditional processes. By automating and digitising the operations at MCP and WCP, we will be able to unlock tremendous productivity and efficiency gains, enhancing value and reducing the costs of operating the piers.

“Many ports around the world continue to rely on manual, paper-based processes or Excel spreadsheets and are missing out on the opportunities of digitalisation. As one of the world’s leading maritime hubs, the MPA is demonstrating what can be achieved in embracing innovation that can drive efficiencies, sustainability, and improved commercial success.”

Henrik Althén, Managing Director of GAC Singapore, commented:

“We’re delighted to be collaborating on this exciting project to enhance the pier services at the Marina South and Westcoast Piers. At GAC, we’ve been quick to appreciate the short and long-term benefits of digitalisation. This project is testament to how cutting-edge digital solutions can make an immediate impact on improving productivity, transparency, and drive more efficient, profitable, and better launch services.”

Bernard Lee, Manager of DM Sea Logistics, commented:

"The Marina South Pier and West Coast Pier are some of our busiest areas of operation, handling hundreds of transactions a day, and currently requiring repetitive, manual processes. We're looking forward to working with Innovez One and other partners to overhaul the physical counter service to create a streamlined launch process which will boost operational resilience and productivity."