Innovez One signs agreement with R W Marine Services in Singapore

R W Marine Services adopts Innovez One’s marineM cutting-edge platform to save costs, time and optimise its fleet operations.

Innovez One signs agreement with R W Marine Services in Singapore

Innovez One, one of the world’s leading providers of port management information software for the world’s busiest ports, towage and marine services operators, has signed a multi-year contract with R W Marine Services, one of Singapore’s leading sea transportation operators, to digitise its fleet operations.

R W Marine Services will use Innovez One’s maritime sector-specific marineM solution to streamline its ordering, vessel and job planning, real-time updating, and billing operations.

marineM will enable R W Marine Services to dispatch jobs wirelessly to mobile devices and monitor its fleet’s movements and the progress of every single job simultaneously using GPS and AIS tracking. Additionally, real-time communications between marineM users and live operations of the fleet will boost communications in an often-siloed operating environment.

The platform will also provide information management systems that link together each stage of the sea transportation chain, covering job management, planning & dispatch, tracking & monitoring and billing, improving R W Marine Services’ visibility of its operations.

Innovez One will roll out the marineM services in the coming months to R W Marine Services fleet made up of outer port limits (OPL) and in-port supply boats vessels. The vessels are used for sea transportation handling, conveying passengers, tank cleaning, de-slopping and cargoes handling to or from ships in the Singapore anchorages, outside port limits, South China Sea and Malacca Straits.

This partnership reflects the growing urgency for marine services to digitise operations more efficiently. Many ‘Tier 2 and below’ ports – 80% of ports worldwide – still use manual, paper-based processes, Excel spreadsheets or legacy computer systems to arrange and execute jobs and rely on personal interaction and paper-based transactions as the norms for shipboard, ship-port interface and port-hinterland-based exchanges. This leads to a range of inefficiencies in ordering, execution, and billing, as well as a lack of sustainability and competitiveness.

David Yeo, group CEO and founder of Innovez One, said:

“We’re delighted that R W Marine Services has decided to partner with Innovez One to digitise its sea transportation operations. Our marineM modular platform will revolutionise R W Marine Services’ management of sea transportation services by turning difficult, manual tasks into a streamlined, efficient process underpinned by cutting-edge digital.”

Digitising essential processes can deliver substantial cost savings every year for fleets by reducing waiting times for vessel port calls, optimise fuel consumption, utilisation of its fleet and personnel.

Ben Tan of R W Marine Services, said:

“In the marine services market it’s becoming essential that we can add value and differentiate ourselves with increased reliability and greater transparency for customers. We look forward to working with Innovez One to digitise our operations, and ultimately improve the competitiveness of the port by reducing costs, saving time, and tackling GHG emissions immediately.”