IMCA warns against offline use of ECMID System

IMCA warns against offline use of ECMID System

The International Marine Contractors Association (IMCA) has issued a notice setting out the benefits of eCMID, its online vessel inspection system, and warning users that offline use is no longer permitted.

Since 1 January 2018, IMCA has only recognised formal inspection reports conducted using its eCMID application and uploaded into the database website ( Any eCMID reports that are not uploaded to the database are not considered to be authorised vessel inspection reports.

IMCA’s Technical Director, Mark Ford sets the scene, and provides a summary of the key benefits of the online eCMID system over the traditional offline approach:

The entire eCMID system is now based on the principles set out in the ISO Standard 19011 ‘Guidance for auditing management systems’ and has been aligned with other comparable industry guidance on safety management system assurance, this means that:

  • Only Accredited Vessel Inspectors (AVIs) can upload inspection reports. This ensures that every report is completed by an Inspector who is suitably qualified, with the knowledge and current experience required for inspecting the vessel type being inspected
  • The latest question sets are always used
  • The eCMID and eMISW (Marine Inspection for Small Workboats) templates are reviewed and updated regularly to reflect regulatory and technological developments, findings analysis, and the inclusion of the valuable feedback from the eCMID user community
  • Avoid costly repeat inspections – an eCMID or eMISW report is valid for twelve months and can be accessed via the online database free of charge. This avoids the need for multiple inspections, each with similar requirements, during that period and a new client avoids the expense of commissioning a new inspection
  • Security – once a report is uploaded, vessel operators have complete control over it. The commissioning client (which may be the vessel operator itself) is automatically provided with access. All other clients/potential clients and other interested parties must request access from the vessel operator. The vessel operator is free to accept or reject such requests.

Mark Ford urges that:

If anyone is aware of offline use, including those subjected to commercial pressures from companies who are not fully aware of the online system, they should advise the IMCA eCMID team via [email protected]”.