Høglund to supply fuel gas supply systems to RMC

Høglund to supply fuel gas supply systems to RMC
Photo: Tallink Grupp

Høglund Marine Solutions will supply Fuel Gas Supply Systems (FGSS) to Rauma Marine Constructions (RMC) for Tallink Grupp’s newest LNG powered ferry, MySTAR.

Høglund will work with Finnish tank manufacturer West Welding to design and supply the systems that will handle LNG onboard MySTAR, constructed by Rauma Marine Constructions. MySTAR will sail on Tallink's Tallinn - Helsinki route.

The design and engineering of FGSS solutions is a key challenge for the future development of LNG powered shipping, particularly for passenger vessels. The process must take into account complex safety concerns stemming from impacts on the engine cooling system, hazardous area management, and ventilation systems.

Høglund will bring their years of experience in gas control and automation solutions to this project. Høglund’s FGSS solutions are integrated with the ship’s IAS (Integrated Automation System) which enables better access to data in the system for playback, analysis and optimisation. It also allows better integration between onboard systems such as alarms, emergency shutdown and power management.

Commenting on this announcement, Børge Nogva, CEO of Høglund Marine Solutions:

“I’m very happy Høglund has been chosen to be the supplier of the FGSS for Tallink Grupp’s newest LNG fueled vessel MySTAR. It’s great to see the cruise and ferry operators continue to realise the potential of LNG as a viable fuel option, and we are thrilled to be working with our partners across Scandinavia and the Baltics on this new project.

It is important to remember that in order to have an effective and efficient LNG vessel, you need a smarter FGSS. At Høglund we combine gas solutions with system automation to put the control of the FGSS at the fingers of the crew, providing improved reliability, efficiency and safety for the FGSS and the vessel. The crew and operators at Tallink will also have peace of mind that the FGSS is backed up with 24/7 technical support."

Jyrki Heinimaa, President and CEO at Rauma Marine Construction said:

“RMC is happy to include the FGSS by Høglund to its newbuilding NB6003 with the trust that Høglund will provide a sophisticated and reliable solution in time to our dear customer for its newest shuttle ferry MySTAR”.

Captain Tarvi-Carlos Tuulik, Head of Ship Management at Tallink Grupp commented on the news:

“Tallink Grupp is continuously looking for ways to bring innovative and green solutions both onto the Baltic Sea and to shipping in general. So, it is great to work with companies like Høglund who also have innovation and environmentally friendly solutions at the heart of their business and together we can work towards achieving sustainable shipping goals.”

Following on from Tallink’s latest vessel, Megastar, the new shuttle ferry MyStar will be dual fuel operated with an overall length of 212m and a passenger capacity of 2,800. Delivery is scheduled for January 2022 and production will start during spring 2020.