Fundraising: families ask to continue the search Bourbon Rhode crew

Families and friends of the missing AHTS Bourbon Rhode seafarers have open fundraising to continue the search.

They said:

"On September 26th 2019 the Ship Bourbon Rhode with 14 Crew members sunk in the Atlantic.
The Search and Rescue Mission lasted only 7 days, during which time bodies of 4 seafarers were found (God bless their soles), and 3 seafarers were found alive in a life raft.

The rescued seafarers have confirmed that all 4 life rafts were successfully launched! That means that the missing 7 crew members have a good chance of being alive, but still - the SAR mission is already suspended. We cannot stop looking for them as long as there is hope that they can be saved!

With this campaign we want to collect funds to continue the search with whatever means needed.

We have started a Petition and have collected more than 38.000 people that signed the petition, that the SAR (Search And Rescue) Mission shall be continued.

We have created a Facebook Group where we collect Information we can get about the sunken Ship and lost Crew.

We are Friends and Family of the Missing Captain, and with the blessing of other families of crew members lost at sea, we ask you to help us continue the search until every living Crew member will be found!
Thank you all for your donations! Every cent helps! If you cannot donate, please share this story to those that might."

For those of you who were unable to make the donation through the Go Get Funding web site, here is all the data you need to make your payment directly to the account for the “Help us find Bourbon Rhode Crew Lost in the Atlantic” campaign:

IBAN: FR7618829754160284210614460

Thank you for all your support!