China's first demonstrative 5G marine ranch platform delivered

The platform is powered by solar energy and wind energy, which can meet the needs of daily aquaculture operations.

China's first demonstrative 5G marine ranch platform delivered
Photo: CIMC Raffles

Recently, the marine ranch platform "Changyu No.1" designed and built by CIMC Raffles was officially delivered and towed to the waters around Nanhuangcheng Island located to the northern of Yantai Long Island for installation, providing assistance for the construction of Nanhuangcheng National Marine Ranch Demonstration Zone.

It was reported that the platform took the lead in carrying a 5G communication base station, becoming the first marine ranch platform in China to demonstrate the application of 5G technology.

The main deck of "Changyu No.1" platform is designed to be 25 meters long and 25 meters wide. The molded depth is 2.5 meters, Different from other marine ranch platforms delivered by CIMC Raffles in the past, "Changyu No.1" platform will be used as a comprehensive mariculture station in the future. In addition to the original functions of sea shepherd and leisure fishery of the ordinary marine ranch platforms, it also integrates the marine aquaculture functions. The platform is powered by solar energy and wind energy, which can meet the needs of daily aquaculture operations. In addition, the platform is equipped with sewage treatment devices, which truly achieve "safety, environmental protection and no pollution".

According to the relevant person in charge of CIMC Blue, the platform is equipped with a big data monitoring system for marine ranching, which can quickly realize real-time monitoring of marine data such as meteorology, water temperature and quality, velocity and flow direction, etc. The steel floating aquaculture net cage connected to the platform is 28 meters long and 28 meters wide, and has a volume of 5000 m³.

Different fish farming experiments can be carried out to learn about the living habits of different fish, accumulate fish farming experience, and provide basis for later large-scale farming. In the process of breeding, the wind-driven automatic bait feeder on the platform can cooperate with the distributor to provide up to 64 feeding points, thus accurately distributing bait to each net cage connected with the platform and improving the utilization rate of bait on the premise of meeting the demand for automatic farming.

Photo: CIMC Raffles

The person in charge added:

"With the help of 5G technology, the platform can carry out scientific and automatic aquaculture in the deep sea, which can not only relieve the environmental pressure brought by traditional offshore aquaculture equipment to China's coastal and inner bays, but also reduce aquaculture diseases and improve the quality and yield of fish products. If we use this platform to farm sea bass, we can harvest 50,000 kg of adult fish in two years."

In addition, the operation mode of the platform is also different from that of the old ones. According to reports, the previous farming mode was an integrated mode of investment and management by fishermen, that is, fishermen are both the investor in mariculture equipment and the operator. However, the intelligent net cages for this platform are only leased to farmers, and the operating unit is Shandong Nanhuangcheng Ocean Development Co., Ltd., a joint venture of CIMC Blue Ocean Technology Company under CIMC Raffles, Nanhuangcheng Village and Beijing Yisheng.

The same person added:

"This operation mode can greatly reduce the threshold for ordinary self-employed fishermen to enter deep sea farming and the farming risks brought by extreme weather, thus helping Nanhuangcheng Island to break the current bottleneck of the marine industry and achieve new breakthroughs."