Cameroon: Kidnap for Ransom

Cameroon: Kidnap for Ransom

As informed by ARC (Africa Risk Compliance Limited), fishing vessel was attacked by armed men in a speed boat. 4 or 5 crew members have been reported as kidnapped. BIR (Cameroon Rapid Intervention Battalion) has been deployed to the area and all oil fields in the region are on alert.

Date and Time: 8th July 2019, 2200hrs local

Location: 50nm NW of entrance to Douala, Cameroon.

Position: 04°12’N, 008°53’E Distance from Shore: Approx. 7nm

Vessel Details

Type: Fishing Vessel L x B: 25m x 7m

Event Details

Kidnapped: 4 or 5

Injured: 0

Killed: 0

Security Present: None reported Threat Details

Number of Pirates: 8

Number of Craft: 1 speed boat

Weapons Seen: Men reported as “armed”, no further details

Equipment Seen: Not reported